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EB-5 Petition for A Restaurant Owner

October 2022

Case summary: The case involved a direct investment in an existing US business. Our client's capital came from a various sources spanning over 35 years from various countries due to his and his family's immigration from he country of birth to Europe. The funds comprised various sources including a student loan disbursed over 32 years ago which was used to purchase a small market, and a series of real property transactions spanning a period of a 30 year period. over 28 years. We guided the client in obtaining various affidavits from people who had knowledge of the transactions or were parties thereof to provide proper documentation to establish the provenance of the source of funds.

Problem: The fact that many of the documents establishing the source of the investment funds had been destroyed or were no longer available from any of the financial institutions involved in the transactions, as well as the lack of recods created a bit of a challenge. We approached the problem using our experience and judgment to ensure that the most crucial items of evidence are included in the packet with a concise and brief explanation of the relevance of each item. This resulted in a well-documented, and credible evidence to overcome our client's burden of proof and clearly establish by a preponderance of the evidence that our client's capital was obtained through lawful means.


Practice area(s): Immigration

Fariba Faiz

Fariba is the founder of the Law Offices of Fariba Faiz, based out of San Francisco, California. Attorney Faiz is an experienced immigration attorney with a proven track record of successfully petitions for investment immigration (E-1/E-2 visas plus direct and regional center EB-5 pr...