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Case Results

E-2 Visa Though A Real Estate Investment

January 2022

Case summary: The case involved a real estate business model known as wholesale real estate investing or  "house flipping". Our client's capital came from a loan secured by a real property that was gifted to her by her brother-in-law. We guided the client in securing proper documentation to establish the provenance of the source of funds. In addition, our client had to obtain a market valuation of the real property in order to prove that to prove that the loan was sufficiently secured and the funds were truly "at risk".

In order to prove that the investment would be a viable for E-2 purposes, we guided the client in obtaining a detailed business plan. Since the business was not yet operational, we ensured that the client's financial commitment to the business and that the funds were irrevocably committed to the investment enterprise were fully documented.

Problem: The fact that the real estate investments in E-2 matters are often challenged as "passive investment" as well as the page limit requirement by the consulate created a bit of a challenge. We approached the problem using our experience and judgment to ensure that the most crucial items of evidence are included in the packet with a concise and brief explanation of the relevance of each item. This resulted in a well-documented, "bullet-proof" application packet guiding the E-2 Officer at the US Consulate in Brussels in understanding the business model and how the evidence proved our client's eligibility for an E-2 visa.

Outcome: The client and her family were granted E-2 visas in Brussels.


Fariba Faiz

Fariba is the founder of the Law Offices of Fariba Faiz, based out of San Francisco, California. Attorney Faiz is an experienced immigration attorney with a proven track record of successfully petitions for investment immigration (E-1/E-2 visas plus direct and regional center EB-5 pr...